Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog Posts: No Outside Sources Need Respond

SCIENCE AND HEALTH TODAY BLOG POST Distant female bosses may reflect a sexist workplace

TAKE HOME MESSAGE:  Health and Science Today blog posts at the Journal Sentinel require no outside source.  This is a great way to highlight the research of new investigators.


1)   The Queen Bee response sounds a little like a “male” coping mechanism—distancing oneself from people considered outside the “in” crowd.  Can you speculate as to why Queen Bees would choose this particular type of coping mechanism in the work place?

2)   Do you think that Queen Bees behave this way out of fear of losing what she has earned?

3)   Do you speculate that Queen Bees feel as though their positions have been hard-earned, and therefore believe that other women should “pay their dues” rather than be mentored.

4)   Do you think those who identified with gender were more able to muster compassion for other women?

5)   Can you recommend some strategies for organizations who want female leadership that is more inclusive toward female members of organization?