Sunday, August 21, 2011

Women as an Untapped Resource in the STEM Workforce

ARTICLE:  "Women sparse in math, science:  females an untapped resource, says US report"  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel [Milwaukee] 16 August 2011, E-1-2.

TAKE HOME MESSAGE:  Always strike up a conversation with your seat mate on a flight; s/he may be your next source.  Sources (i.e. experts) are found in all sorts of contexts!

I asked one question of the Department of Commerce:  are there actually STEM jobs available in this sagging economy?

My outside source was a fascinating woman with a Ph.D. in higher education who works along with the NSF to improve opportunities for women in STEM fields, particularly those in the academy educating the next generation of STEM workers.  She was my seat mate from DC to Detroit on my way to Milwaukee.  We struck up a conversation, realized we had a few things in common, and she gave me her business card.  When this story came my way, I thought of her.  She was an ideal source because of her particular expertise.